Sunday, October 23, 2011


A few years ago in Las Vegas I discovered a program called Time Out For Women. It's based on the principle that when our kids need a break and a chance to regroup we put them on "time out", but do we ever give ourselves a "time out" to regroup. It is a weekend away from your usual routine and an opportunity to laugh, cry, be uplifted and encouraged. Since then I have tried to attend whenever the program comes to the city I am living in or near. This year the closest event was in Reno. When I received the flyer I dismissed it at first because I would have to travel and pay hotel fees as well as registration fees but after a few months of the ups and downs of life (and I admit over those months it seemed like the downs outnumbered the ups) I started thinking seriously about going. Thankfully I have a wonderful considerate husband who recognized my need for a "time out". I think he was more than ready to put me on time out if I didn't go on my own! So on October 14th & 15th Katie, Andrea and I headed for Reno to take our "time out". The theme of this years event was Choose to Become. We had a wonderful weekend with inspired talks on learning to believe in ourselves, getting out of our own way, trusting Heavenly Father. There was great music, lots of laughter and a few tears. We learned a lot about ourselves and what we want and need to do to Become the women Heavenly Father would have us be. They challenged us to choose one thing we can do to Become closer to who it is we want to be and not to leave what we had learned in the convention center parking lot. On our way home Katie, Andrea, and I talked about what we personally took away from the program and what we want to accomplish in our lives. We set some daily goals that will help us reach our larger goals and agreed to return and report to each other on how we are doing. I am so grateful to have attended this event right after General Conference. Having the two weekends so close together helped to increase the power of the messages to me that Heavenly Father knows and loves me. I am thankful for Katie and Andrea's company that weekend, for the support they gave me to follow through on what I want to accomplish. While my kids are now old enough that they no longer need to be put on time out I hope I never miss an opportunity to put myself at Time Out. 

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